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I never fuck a same boy twice unless he brings a friend alon

The weather is getting better these days. Ive met a dude, wi

For a long time I didnt hunt in the central train station ar

Another friday arrived. I bet you are as exhausted as I am a

This one was simply perfect on every level. Gorgeous, nice,

I was sitting in my car driving to a shopping center when I

Relationships at work can often be tricky. One stupid collea

This boy was from a city far north of Prague. A very poor an

Sometimes, life can be incredibly hard and unfair. This boy

I love lending money to college students. They are usually s

I met a young accountant named Martin when he was waiting fo

I didnt like this guy at the beginning. I expect some degree

The boy was waiting for his girlfriend and fortunately she w

I was feeling really lazy today so I decided to try somethin

Czech Hunter 566

Czech Hunter 596

Czech Hunter 555

When this boy called me, he told me that he cant afford to t

More and more people come to Prague to start a new life. Its

This boy wanted to live a rich mans life. He moved to the ou

This guy had no idea how to behave at a job interview. He ba

I went by a park today. Inside was an outdoor gym so I tried

Ive been looking for a new catch the whole morning. I met a

It was too damn hot in the city centre, so I decided to look

I heard there was supposed to be some sort of a summer party

Some guys really have strange expectations. The one who came

Looks like the sumer is fully on, so I am thrilled to fuck y

Dirty Scout 266

Numero 168

Czech Hunter 488

Latin Leche - scene 36

Dirty Scout 209

Czech Hunter 586

Czech Hunter 592

Czech Hunter 477

One of my friends invited me for a game of bowling. I almost

Jack was really curious about the camera and I dont blame hi

Today I was hunting in front of the TV casting studio. I wan

Another boy trying his luck in Prague. At the beginning I di

It looks like giving my former customers rewards for sending

I love fucking in public. The adrenaline rush is incredible

Actually I was planning to just have a few drinks together w


Its me - Martin. After a small break I think its time to get

Its not easy to get rid of your past. When you commit a crim

This had to be the shiest boy I have ever met in my office.


Ive met many nice boys during the last months. But Ive never

Yesterday I visited again the suburbs of Prague. A young cli

Waiting for a bus can be a pleasure. Yesterday Ive been in a

It was one of those cold winter days which I really hate. A

Nice weather again for my favourite park. I wonder if they e

I hope you all survived the christmas parties and the hangov

This time I went on a lovely trip up North. I got a call fro

I just finished editing my video from the party last week an

Its not so easy to surprise me anymore - but this guy was sp

Today I met a young guy in the metro. He was originally from

It is Christmas Time and people have a different mood. It is

I love after Christmas time. Its because of presents. Needle

My mission is not just to have fun with the boys. It might s

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