Old and Young Gay Pictures

( albums)
STORY: Boy Austin

STORY: Tyler Tanner

STORY: James Clark

STORY: Troop Time

STORY: Jack Bailey

STORY: Neighborhood Secret

STORY: Grayson Lange

STORY: Boy Jesse

STORY: Axel Black

STORY: Apprentice Andram

STORY: Neighborhood Secret

STORY: Boy Danny

STORY: Myott Hunter

STORY: James Clark

STORY: Troop Time

STORY: Boy Jesse

STORY: Adrian Rose

STORY: Connor Taylor

STORY: Neighborhood Secret

STORY: Apprentice Rivers

STORY: Scout Ethan

CHAPTER 4: The Appraisal

CHAPTER 1: The Grooming

TAPE 7: Uncle Ricks Bed

Riley Mitchell Bottoms: Encounter 1

CHAPTER 8: Party Favor

Greg Riley Bottoms: Encounter 2

CHAPTER 6: Slave Boy

Bob Lemus Bottoms: Encounter 1

CHAPTER 4: Atonement Apprentice Blue

TAPE 2: Pumpkin Carving

CHAPTER 2: Disciplinary Action

Jax Thirio Bottoms: Encounter 1

CHAPTER 7: Watching The Game

Jax Thirio Bottoms: Encounter 1

CHAPTER 7: The Sacrament

CHAPTER 2: Lessons in Discretion

TAPE 3: Hard Lessons

CHAPTER 2: Getting Pumped

Killian Knox Bottoms: Encounter 1

CHAPTER 1: Weathering the Storm

Greg Riley Bottoms: Encounter 2

Chase Manning Bottoms: Encounter 1

CHAPTER 6: The Covenant

Romeo Davis Bottoms: Encounter 1

CHAPTER 9: Lesson in Discretion

TAPE 2: Interview Prep

CHAPTER 2: Back to Basecamp

TAPE 15: My Dads Brother Is Hung

CHAPTER 3: Getting Pumped

Johnny Ford Bottoms: Encounter 1

CHAPTER 3: The Covenant

CHAPTER 10: Hands-On Scouting

CHAPTER 1: New Recruit

CHAPTER 8: First-Aid Training

CHAPTER 3: Setting Up Camp

TAPE 11: Forbidden Boy Hotel

CHAPTER 2: Gathering Wood

CHAPTER 1: Scouts Oath

TAPE 2: Everybody Does It

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