Justin Cross is training Jackson Wright to determine what he

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Premium Southern Strokes

Justin Cross is training Jackson Wright to determine what hes made of. But if this scene is any indication, we already know what Jackson is made of... A healthy curiosity about sex, lust for a huge cock, and the grit and determination to get himself, and Justin, off! It takes little time for Jackson to take Justins big tool in his mouth. It barely fits, but that doesnt stop Jackson from sucking dick like a whore. For those of you who like oral, this is going to be a treat! Jackson just keeps on sucking on the mouth-watering slab of meat. Justin returns the favor, but quickly ends up fucking Jacksons face instead. Can you imagine what its like to have that thick tube steak on your face, let alone in your mouth! Justin eventually works his monster into the twinks creamy white ass and pounds away. Jackson might not have been able to take all of Justin down his throat, but he can sure take it all up his sweet, hungry ass! Jackson ends up riding Justin, impaling himself with every downward slam, spewing an enormous load of jizz. Justin follows with a creamy finish.