The Collector: Draven Jerks Off Under Watchful Eyes of Sperm

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Draven Navarro
Anal BDSM Bondage Hardcore Pornstar Punishment Submission

Beefy boy Draven Navarro is blindfolded and caged. He cries out for help but no one can hear him. No one but his perverted masked captor aka The Sperm Collector. He pleads for his freedom as his captor pulls of his blindfold and pulls down his leather thong. Looks like Draven isnt going anywhere soon. The Collector tells Draven hell let him go as long as he follows instructions. Draven complies with the orders, shakily wrapping a hand around his cock. He gets zapped, shoves a plug in his ass and wraps a cock ring around his cock and balls. He puts clothespins on his balls and nipples. Despite the pain and humiliation, Draven is starting to get horny. Hes soon begging to cum. Will the Collector let him go after all! Or is he doomed to be a caged plaything for the Collector to study forever!

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