Introducing Hayden Lee

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Premium Helix Studios

Everyones anxious to know more new boy on the block, Hayden Lee since his breakout scene taking Micah Wests massive meat! So, we paired him with superstar Ashton Summers to probe the young pretty boy in more ways than one.... For another erotic edition of, Introducing! Summers puts the heat on Hayden and gets him to spill some spicy secrets about committing out, porn, piercings, and of COURSE, what hes into sexually. Savvy Summers saves the best bit for last, which of course, leads the boys right to the bedroom! Armed with all the ammo he needs to welcome the young hottie to Helix with a second scorching session, Summers puts that suave charm of his on and delivers a seriously sensual make out session while clothes fall to the floor. Lip locked, Ashton teases the twinks hot ass, while Lee lays into the porn princes perfect piece, stroking Summers stiff schlong before dropping down and drinking that dick fully down his throat. After working Ashtons nut filled nads and downing that D to the base, Summers remembers our boy likes it a little rough! So, he tosses the twink on the bed, then rips his overstuffed undies right off! Like a heat seeking missile, Summers is a man on