Jonny Cox Fucks Richie West

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Richie West is still pretty new on BSB, but weve paired him with the brand new Jonny Cox, whos ready to move beyond his solo scene and get some more experiences in. Leaning in to kiss, their lips meet and Richie undresses Jonny, moving toward Jonnys cock as he pulls off the last layer of clothing and frees that waiting cock. Trapping Jonnys dick between his lips, Richie sucks that cock and gently cups Jonnys balls, his hand moving along Jonnys shaft when his lips need a break as he gets Jonny good and hard. Richies wet mouth got Jonny all worked up and hes ready for an ass now as he bends Richie over, on all fours on the bed, and Jonny pushes his bareback prick into that tight hole. Moaning, Richie takes every inch as Jonnys smooth skin slaps against Richies ass and he pushes him farther onto the bed, climbing on behind him as he dominates that hole. Richie turns onto his back and gets fucked as Jonny rocks into him gently, his steady thrusts building the pleasure in both of them and Richie reaches down to take hold of his dick. Richie begs for it harder and Jonny gives it to him, pounding the cum out of him and then pulling out soon after to bust a nut himself, collapsin