Javier Cruz And Justin Lee

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Javier Cruz
Justin Lee
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From the beginning of this scene, you can see the way Justin Lee watches Javier Cruz, and that innocence you see in him is an obvious sign that this guy is still a virgin! And before Javier takes Justins virginity, Justin goes down on Javier, sucking that big uncut cock and looking up at Javier as he massages that prick with his mouth. Javier fingers Justins ass as Justin goes down on him, prepping him for whats to come as he slides his finger in and out slowly. When these two studs have had enough foreplay, Justin gets on all fours on the bed and Javier lubes his virgin ass up, lining his cock up with that tight, untouched hole and very gently pushes his way inside. Justin cringes as Javier fills him up, stretching his ass and popping his anal cherry as he goes in deeper and fucks him harder! Justin gets a chance to be in control as he gets on top and rides Javiers hard dick, still taking it slow as he gets used to the feeling of a cock in his ass. When they change positions, Justin is on his back with legs spread and Javier fucks him nice and slow until both guys bust a nut!

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