Jalif Black And Aaron Perez

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Aaron Perez
Jalif Black
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Jalif Blacks hands sneak up Aaron Perezs shirt, feeling his soft skin and pulling him closer as they make out, until eventually hes worked both their shirts off. As their kisses get more heated, Aaron drops to his knees and pulls Jalifs dick in his mouth, working it with his lips as Jalif thrusts gently into Aarons throat. But Jalif doesnt leave Aaron wanting, he gives him amazing oral in return as he sucks and tongues Aarons thick cock, placing gentle kisses around Aarons pelvis before working his way back to that dick and taking it between his lips. When both guys are erect and ready to fuck, Aaron gets on the bed and gets his ass fucked doggy style, moaning as Jalifs cock fills up his tight hole, pushing it to the limits as his ass splits wide open to allow him entry. Jalif slowly starts pumping his prick in and out, giving every inch of himself to Aaron and then turning Aaron onto his back, spreading his legs, and fucking him hard. Its not long before Jalifs fat dick has Aaron shooting his load, and then Jalif lies on the bed to stroke out his own hot cum as Aaron licks at his balls!

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